Monday, 6 August 2012

HD Brows Palette Vamp

In this months glossy box, I was really happy to see the HD Brow kit, I remember seeing it on loads of blog posts before I subscribed to Glossybox. The brow colours are extremely pigmented, I use rich brown in the front of my brow and dark brown for definition, this HD brow palette is suited to people with dark hair. The nude colour can be used as a matte hi-light under the brow bone and all of the shadows can also be used as eye-shadows. There is 3 palettes available, Bombshell for blondes, Foxy for light brunettes and vamp for dark hair. The variety of shades available mean you can create a natural looking brow and the colours are really long lasting. The packaging is very glossy and expensive looking and the compact is perfect for travel. Overall this is an amazing product and I will definitely re-purchase.

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