Monday, 6 August 2012

Sleek: Oh So Special i-Divine

Surprisingly I am a Sleek Virgin so on a recent trip to Superdrug I finally decided to cave in and buy the Sleek i-Divine in Oh So Special after setting out to get the Au Naturel palette. I felt the colours were more unique as I already own more than enough brown and neutral colours. Before I begin reviewing, I just want to say that I love the sleek packaging, it feels very expensive and, well, sleek for the price. The colours range from a neutral bone shade to an intense jet black. They are all extremely pigmented, the shimmery shades slightly more so than the matte, but the most pigmented shade of all had to be the black, as you can probably tell from the swatches. I think the shimmery pinks and purples are a good alternative to everyday neutrals as they are still very wearable. I can't wait to wear Glitz and Celebrate with a smoky eye, does anyone else think Celebrate is a great dupe for MAC's Cranberry? 

Overall I really think it's worth the money and I'm definitely going to buy more from Sleek! What's your favourite Sleek product - I need recommendations!

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